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Let's meet the owners, Jo & Will

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Those that know and relate to Joanna work wise and client wise could not be in better hands.

Let’s meet Joanna

Joanna is a lady committed to proper cause and effect in business, a dynamo of energy and concentration to achieve the desired results for herself and our clients.

Coming from a science masters degree and furthering her knowledge with project management tendering, financial control and project management.

Committed to delivering her very best results, she has become the company go to person for our clients, knowing they will get the results and information they desire and require.

If one wanted simple word descriptions for Jo, it would be “Accurate, Timely and Smart”.

Joanna’s passion within this industry seems to come from deep within her psychic and dynamics, the right answers and the right solutions just seem to pop out of her head with such a natural correctness.

In essence, the team inclusion of Joanna on a day to day basis provides a perfect conduit of expertise that ensures a seamless transition from design through to delivery.

Some may say that Joanna does not carry on long winded dialogues, which she sees as unnecessary and strives to be short, sharp witted and to the point with the way she handles meaningful  conversations, correspondence and communications.



Those that know William, appreciate the vast talent and appreciate the application of his knowledge in planning and delivery the very best quality results.

Let’s meet Will

William has a life long history in construction! Some would say the Commercial Construction Dinosaur, however Having worked at all levels of construction through his career, spanning high rise, low rise large facilities and housing as well as civil construction, one wonders how he has crammed so much into his career.

He is often heard to say “it’s in my blood and I cant wait to wake up every morning and carry on a career that I love and enjoy”.

Having worked all over Australia and overseas in many roles and responsibilities, his experience is so sought after that we have to ration his time to each individual project and aspect of work. His ability to take on enormous work loads is unsurpassed, however he always tries to make time for every client and contractor to ensure everyone is up to speed and enjoying the journey.

William’s qualifications are immense ranging from engineering, project management, Bridge building certifications, Building Inspector, Scaffolding inspector, Commercial & Industrial Unlimited Builder, to even qualifications in upstream and downstream aspects of Oil Exploration. Production, Marketing (and construction of service stations).

Simply put, the brain for building and the eye for detail has earnt William the respect of so many in the design and construction fields and he has a huge following from investors and developers, yet, he is a simple minded man with few needs, to be the best and be the happiest.

Unique, innovative, high-impact design projects

We are a premium architectural building company based in South-Eastern Melbourne. We specialise in building unique, innovative, high-impact design projects & All types of Building Inspection Reports.

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