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Our Operations Manager, William will be with you every step of the way throughout the build.

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Our Services

William (Operations Manager, Client Relations) will be with you every step of the way throughout the build. It’s the journey to the final build not just the hand over that defines J&W from its competitors. From tender stage right through to hand over stage we will be accountable, honest and manage any need required to ensure a pleasant building experience.

Joanna and Will are on hand to get the very best from our team of sub-contractors, and employees. It is Will’s job to make sure your project runs smooth, on time and on budget. No matter what they throw at us, last minute pools, tennis courts or roof top bars we’ve got the right people on hand.

Will Is our full time Operations Manager and responsible for Project control, estimating, submissions and tenders, financial reporting and forecasting. He will ensure cash flow throughout the project is managed and to oversee a clear and defined work/cash flow. Will is on hand to answer any questions regarding invoicing and will work with all financial institutions in helping to obtain finance if necessary.

The experience of our staff ranges across a considerable period of time and within many and varied construction projects, covering:

Now Offering Building Inspection Reports

We are specialists in all building & inspection reports inc Owner Builder 137b Reports, Pre Purchase Property Inspections & Swimming Pool & Spa Barrier Inspections 

At Jo & Will Constructions, we offer:


Material sourcing at trade rates


Regular site meetings


Accurate project schedules


Introductions to our professional team of supervisors


We design and construct


Quality assurance certified

Unique, innovative, high-impact design projects

We are a premium architectural building company based in South-Eastern Melbourne. We specialise in building unique, innovative, high-impact design projects & All types of Building Inspection Reports.

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